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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grain-free breakfast breads!

Welcome back to Paleo Breakfast Blitz!

You thought I forgot about it, didn't you?  Or maybe that it was over?  Well, I got tired.  And sick, so I kind of trailed off, but I still have some awesome grain-free breakfasts that I want to share with you, so bear with me for a few more posts, and then we'll move on to another topic.  Maybe food-related, maybe baby-related (since I'm pretty sure I could take Pluto's place as a planet at this point).  Who knows?  Not me.

Anyway, today I want to talk about breakfast breads today.  You know?  Like muffins, waffles, biscuits, things of that ilk.
 It's tough to give them up on a grain-free diet.  Some of us grew up thinking that that was breakfast.  Or we got through college by grabbing a giant muffin from the dining hall every morning on the way to class.  These habits die hard, and just because you've decided to go grain-free (or even if you're just moving away from a heavily grain-based diet), it doesn't mean you have to give up these things altogether. There are some really, seriously awesome grain-free and paleo-friendly breakfast breads.  And I'm going to share some of my favorites with you today.  Even if you eat grains, these are worth trying, since they provide a protein punch to keep you full throughout the morning and fuel your body.  Also?  They're really yummy.

-You can find my very favorite grain-free waffle recipe over at Joyful Abode.  They're made from coconut flour, which I'm still experimenting with, but makes a seriously awesome waffle.  And topped with the berry compote from this post?  Amazing.

-AndreAnna over at Life as a Plate has this recipe for Grain-Free Irish Soda bread biscuits, which are amazing.  And if you love Irish Bread as much as I do, they scratch the itch.  They're great for dessert, breakfast, midnight snack, whatever.  They're just great.

-These fruit-sweetened Carrot Banana muffins from Elana's Pantry are pretty great, too.  My little guys love running the food processor, so they were pretty much in heaven making them with me.  Because I don't shred carrots; I grind them in the food processor.  (PS: You should check out the rest of Elana's website.  She is, in my mind, the undisputed queen of grain-free baked goods.  I try to have baked goods be only an occasional treat, even the grain-free ones, but when I bake them I usually use her recipes.)

-These apple muffins from Everyday Paleo are pretty darn good, too.  Because who doesn't love apple muffins?

-And if you're looking for a biscuit to put that egg on, Food Renegade has one for you!  Or maybe for your paleo biscuits and gravy?  (Are my Kansas roots showing?)

So there you have it!  If you are really just craving some kind of baked good for breakfast, go for it.  Scratch that itch without going for the unhealthy stuff you find at the grocery store.  And bonus points that these are all super kid-friendly.  My little guys love them all, and they think they're getting an extra-special sweet treat when I make these things.  Meanwhile, I feel all smug because they're actually getting a good breakfast!

A note about grain-free baked goods: don't overdo it.  Even though these are much healthier than the baked goods you may be used to, they are still a sweet treat and should be treated accordingly, especially if you're trying to lose weight.  These are quite a bit higher on the glycemic index than most of the foods you would eat on a paleo diet.

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